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If you are seeking Los Angeles DUI attorneys with decades of experience, a record of success and an excellent reputation throughout Southern California, contact Hutton & Wilson. Since 1997, the criminal defense attorneys of Hutton & Wilson have been working together to provide aggressive criminal defense to clients accused of the most serious crimes. Over the last several decades our two attorneys have represented thousands of clients accused of DUI in every section of LA County and throughout Southern California. Even before they opened their own law firm together, Defense Lawyers Robert Wilson and Richard Hutton were highly respected and proven attorneys. Together they have more than 65 years of combined experience in criminal defense with a particular emphasis on DUI defense. 

Call the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys of Hutton & Wilson as soon as possible if you have been arrested: 626-397-9700.  

Our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys have been providing aggressive and effective legal defense for professionals, executives and people with reputations to protect since we opened our doors almost two decades ago. From our offices in Century City and Pasadena, our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys represent clients from throughout Southern California.

Richard Hutton and Bob Wilson are preeminent California criminal defense attorneys and both are certified criminal defense specialists who offer

  • Decades of experience in DUI defense in Los Angeles including murder cases and those involving third-strike risks
  • Access to forensic experts, accident-scene investigators and expert witnesses for the benefit of clients
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the science and technology of DUI defense 
  • Extensive experience with high-profile members of the Los Angeles community
  • A promise of confidentiality for all of our clients including those who are celebrities 

We understand that you may be feeling tremendous anxiety about the charges you face. We know that clear answers and practical legal guidance are exactly what you may need.  

Defense Lawyers who know Confidentiality is Vital

If you are a celebrity member of the community and have been arrested for DUI or any other crime, our Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys know how to protect your privacy. Confidentiality is particularly important in this media-saturated city. We have represented and continue to represent many of LA's most accomplished and well-known people. The public will never know that we represent them because we keep their legal issues out of the camera's eye. We handle each case with extreme sensitivity and take the extra measures to shield you from publicity.

And no matter who you are or what charges are involved, the criminal justice system can be a labyrinth of bureaucracy and complexity. For decades, our legal team has been accumulating comprehensive knowledge of this system. 

  • We know how to handle the details so you don't have to. 
  • We'll explain exactly what is happening and what legal decisions will have to be made throughout the entire process.
  • Since we are so familiar with California's justice system, we have the ability to explain the legal process in clear language.
  • We will keep you informed and address all of your concerns throughout your entire case. 

There is always hope no matter the evidence against you. Skilled trial lawyers can always find a way to present your case in the best possible light in the courtroom, but this doesn't mean taking your case to trial is the best strategy. Though our Los Angeles DUI attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys and will fiercely protect your rights before a jury, we also know other strategies to protect you without going to trial. We may even find a way to have your charges dropped or significantly reduced before a trial is even necessary. Call us to discuss all of your legal options. 

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